Firebytes LLC Earns BBB Accreditation

This week, Firebytes LLC, of Willmar, Minnesota announced its recent Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. As a BBB Accredited Business, Firebytes LLC is dedicated to promoting trust in the marketplace. Its Accreditation will help...

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What does a 0-day exploit mean?

Every now and then, you may run across the term "0-day (zero day) exploit." What does this mean and what can you do about it? What is 0-day? 0-day refers to an exploit, hole, or ability to hack a software program that has not yet been fixed. It could be a program on...

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What is DNS and why is it important?

In the last few weeks, I have been seeing many businesses struggling with DNS. Yes, a foreign term, only known to those techies. Here is a simple explanation of what it is and what it does. What is DNS? DNS, or Domain Name System, is the magic that translates human...

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