Cloud vs Onsite Hardware

Firebytes is positioned to help your business grow, whichever way you decide. From Dell PowerEdge servers to Amazon Web Services virtual hardware, the choice is up to you!

Dell PowerEdge Servers (Onsite)

Firebytes can get you a great price on Dell PowerEdge servers as a Dell PartnerDirect.  These Dell servers have the latest in Intel processors and are a great fit as either a standard server or to use as a virtualized server.  Dell even has an all-in-one which includes networking, processing and storage array!

Advantages to Dell Servers

  • You own the equipment (no on-going costs)
  • Physical Security (you are protecting the equipment)
  • Get exactly what you want (down to the network card)

Amazon Web Services (Cloud)

Amazon Web Services are a great way to get started with your company’s own application, or web based software! With constantly evolving hardware and easy-to-grow capabilities, Amazon Web Services can get you started immediately!

Advantages to Amazon Web Services

  • No up-front capital or cost. (pay only what you use)
  • No need to buy physical security. (security cameras, battery backups, locked racks)
  • Able to be scaled at a moments notice.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Integrates with additional Amazon Web Services, like CloudFront, RDS and S3.

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