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What’s Going On with Firebytes?

What does a 0-day exploit mean?

Every now and then, you may run across the term "0-day (zero day) exploit." What does this mean and what can you do about it? What is 0-day? 0-day refers to an exploit, hole, or ability to hack a software program that has not yet been fixed. It could be a program on...

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Now part of the Dropbox Partner Network!

We are happy to announce that we recently joined the Dropbox Partner Network and now support companies looking to make the transition to Dropbox for Business. We’re excited about Dropbox for Business because it provides teams the power, security, and performance of...

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What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication means using another means, besides just a password, to login to your favorite website. These "tokens" used to be little RSA plastic devices, mailed mostly by banks. Today, you can use your smartphone for that task! Once you enable tw0-factor...

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